game-changing cricket broadcasting B2B tool!

Elevate Your Broadcasts!

Introducing Invrse Cricket, the ultimate cricket simulator that doubles as a broadcasting and analysis tool. With the ability to transform gameplay into a live broadcast, INVRSE Cricket is the perfect solution for players and broadcasting platforms alike.

Use it for fun segments during live cricket matches or to analyze and improve gameplay with the built-in analysis tools. And with its powerful Unreal Engine capabilities, you’ll experience the most realistic cricket gameplay available. Whether you’re a player or a broadcaster, Invrse Cricket has something for you!

Simultaneous Multi Feed

Get a 360-degree view of the game with Simultaneous Multi-Feed. Our broadcasting tool lets you switch between multiple camera angles, giving you an immersive viewing experience like never before.

AI Camera Director

Enhance your broadcast with the AI Director. It automatically selects and cuts the most engaging moments from the game, ensuring a flawless and professional-quality viewing experience.

Real Time Green Screen Compositing

Record a player in front of a green screen and watch them take on the role of a batsman in real-time gameplay. Perfect for creating immersive and dynamic content for fans and broadcasters alike.

Unmatched Broadcasting Quality

High Fidelity 1080P Output

The high fidelity 1080p output ensures that the game is displayed in stunning clarity and detail, bringing the action to life like never before.

True Broadcast Cameras

Capture the game with angles used in real cricket broadcasting. Get the authentic feeling of watching a live cricket match.

3D Batsman Avatar

Take it to the next level with the 3D Batsman Avatar feature. Play as yourself, personalize your avatar, and see your skills come to life.

Take your cricket broadcast to the next level!